Communications Training

For people and organisations that believe in community-led social change

Good things happen when you communicate well.


You can build healthy relationships. You can share timely information.  And in an increasingly complex and interconnected world, you can help meet some of the biggest challenges we face. 


Designed by our members from BBC news, local politics, radio theatre and community leadership, we made this course to help you communicate about the things you care about, with integrity, clarity and quality.


7 Feb, London UK

Where: St Columba's Church, Pont Street, SW1X 0BD

Cost: £90 per person

Book: Click here

Details: one-day course, lunch, tea & coffee provided.



Through theory and practice, we'll help you...


your purpose


You'll look to the core beliefs of your work in order to build a foundation for your communications. 


Lahai, Edunations


Meet some of the people behind the course


For nearly a decade, our Comms Co-ordinator covered big global news stories for BBC TV and radio. He's now equipping people like you to have more impact in your work.


As well as being our network's Co-Leader, Elizabeth is a District Councillor in local politics, a contributing editor at The Ecologist magazine, & an experienced group facilitator. 


Sierra Leone's soap opera Atunda Ayende was created by Kemoh to help young people process the trauma of civil war, but it's become a popular show among many others too. 


In the UK, Kenya and online...

For individuals, from

per person


For organisations, from

per day


Online version

one-off fee


Want to learn more?

We also run courses on leadership, networking, and podcast-making, which are available upon request. To enquire about these (or anything else!), email

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