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For a small monthly donation you can become a 'Friend of Arukah' and play a meaningful part in the life of our network.  All money raised supports our network of Clusters. 


Back in 2008, fifteen local health workers met together in northern India for a three day meeting. They discussed the challenges of their work, shared their strengths and founded a network and movement. 15 years later, the network has grown to consist of 45 member organisations that work closely together as a Cluster which is registered and working with the District Government.

Being so successful, similar work has grown organically across nations, continents and cultures. These Clusters help their wide range of members to form connection and friendship, as they work together to improve health and wellbeing in remote and under-resourced communities.


Arukah works with communities according to a very different model to that used by many NGOs. We never go in and do things for communities because we believe that each community has the inherent gifts, skills and abilities to understand the nature of their challenges and ways to solve them.

But they can't do it alone. Our network comes in alongside to encourage, support, inform and train.

And we believe that you can play a significant role in helping us achieve this.



For many of our Cluster members and their communities, the current global economic crisis comes on top of years of battling hardship combined with recent climate emergencies like flooding and drought making life harder.


And while you may not personally be able to travel through the mountains to work in a remote health clinic in northern India or drive down the bumpy roads in rural Zambia to train health workers, you can still play a part!


By becoming a Friend of Arukah, you help us connect and support the local leaders working on the ground in their communities. Your monthly gift will go towards supporting these leaders across Africa and India.



Click below and follow the instructions to set up a regular donation. ​​

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