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UK Communications Training, London

Coming to London on 7th February 2020: a day of communications training for all people and organisations that believe in community-led change. Learn more and book your space here.

Drawing on the experience of our network's members in BBC news, local politics, community leadership, and global consultancy firms, we will use both theory and practice, discussion and activity, to help you:

  • Explain your purpose: You'll think about the core beliefs and purposes at the heart of your work, and how these can be used to build a firm foundation for your communications.

  • Develop a relationship with your audience: You'll explore who your audience is, why it's important to understand them well, and how you might start to build a more meaningful relationship with them.

  • Craft clearer messages: You'll explore different tools and techniques to help you make content that is clear, compelling and attractive.

Course Feedback

  • "This course has given me energy and momentum ... it was the shot in the arm I needed" Lahai, Edunations

  • "Really Powerful" Cath, Devon County Council

  • "The most helpful tool I've come across" Niall, Public Health England

Delivered by:

  • Jake Lloyd: ex-BBC News Studio Director, Arukah's Comms Co-ordinator

  • Elizabeth Wainwright: Arukah co-leader, writer, District Councillor

Learn more about our training here and book your space here.


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