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Member Q+A: Eukeria, Zambia

EUKERIA NJAAME tells us why she joined Zambia's Monze Cluster and how she hopes they can improve the lives of local people in the town.

Tell us about yourself! I'm the third born in a family of six. I’m from Zambia and I work as an Administrative Secretary with Monze Cluster.

What does that role involve? I'm in charge of all the records for the Cluster and help Cluster Mobiliser Nasilele run the work we do - I see to it that the programs lined up are carried out effectively.

Tell us a bit more about your town. Monze is in southern Zambia. It's a place that is still behind with development. A lot of the youth here require support - most of them are just in the streets with nothing to do.

How did you first hear about the Cluster? I met Mr. Elvis Simamvwa from the nearby Chisekesi Cluster. He explained how the Cluster works and how it has helped improve lives of people in Zambia and in other countries. I was attracted to this because I am very much interested in using the little knowledge I have to help other people.

Tell us about the knowledge you have! Before I joined the Cluster I worked for a project called the Savings and Internal Lending Communities. We would train women and youths with entrepreneurship skills, and they could borrow money from the group to start and grow a business. We would also teach them how to save money.

That sounds great! Tell us about the work you are now doing in the Cluster. One of the big things we are doing is teaching life skills to young people so that they can make a living and stop being in the streets. We've introduced skills training in tailoring and design, catering, bricklaying and psychosocial counselling. It's challenging but we are doing our best to help.

What are your hopes for the Cluster's future? I want to see us improve the standards of living in Monze. I also hope to get to know more about Arukah so I can attract other people to join us, so that together we can grow as a Cluster and as individuals.

It's great to speak with you Eukeria - we look forward to seeing you and your Cluster grow!

Meet Nasilele from Monze Cluster here.


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