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Chisekesi Cluster


Chisekesi in southern Zambia was once a popular transport and agricultural hub.


During the 1980s, drought, disease and HIV hit the town, and it has since struggled to return to its previous status. In 2018, a diverse group, including a mechanic, policeman, health worker and retired government adviser, decided to launch a Cluster. Inspired by nearby Chabbs Cluster, they decided to see what they could do together, that they could not do apart, to create opportunities in the community.


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Mechanics Training


They've so far trained five young unemployed men to become car mechanics

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Food Security


Climate change is a threat to the region's maize crops, so they're importing and selling rice.

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Poultry Farming

They're helping young people raise chickens and sell the meat and eggs at a local market.


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There is nothing for young people to do here. No industry. No opportunities. We believe a Cluster is the answer.

Nimoy Gerry is a local mechanic with a heart for his community. 


After attending an Arukah Network international forum in 2017, he decided to mobilise others to start a Cluster.