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Member Q+A: Pratima, Uttarakhand

PRATIMA SINGH RANA from India serves children with special needs and people with disabilities in her community. She's a member of the Uttarakhand Cluster. In this Q+A she tells us about herself and her work.

Tell us about yourself! My name is Pratima Singh Rana and I live in Uttarakhand. I am part of the Uttarakhand cluster and also work with a couple of NGOs which help special needs children and people with disabilities in the community.

Amazing! What attracted you to your cluster? I am passionate about working with children with special needs and people with disabilities and was attracted to the Uttarakhand cluster because of the work that they were doing through their disability program. We reach out to those who live in remote areas because it is hard for them to access government services and i am very grateful to be serving in this way!

That’s wonderful, Pratima. What would you say is your Cluster’s greatest achievement so far? The fact that we get to motivate people living with disabilities and create awareness is a big achievement. This is how we share the love of God in the community.

What are some of the challenges your cluster has faced? Because Uttarakhand is located in the mountains, the harsh weather makes it challenging for us to teach the special education program regularly.

What are your hopes for the future of your work and the cluster? I would love to continue motivating people living with disability and their families. Through the cluster, I got to understand the love of God and would love to help people have an understanding of God’s love towards them.

What do you enjoy doing outside of your work? I love visiting my friends and their families and also going to the mall!

Thank you for serving those around you Pratima! We appreciate you.

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