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Meet Our New Communications Coordinator!

BRIAN WAINAINA is our new Communications Coordinator! Here he tells us about himself and how he will be supporting the growth of our network.

Where are you from and what makes you proud to be from there? I grew up and currently live in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. Often referred to as ‘The green city under the sun’, Nairobi is unique in many ways. I particularly enjoy the mix between the busy city life and the quiet national park which are minutes apart.

What work did you do before you joined Arukah? I worked in football ministry with a global organisation called Ambassadors Football. I played a part in sharing the gospel and transforming lives through storytelling. I also helped with coaching kids, training staff and planning/running events.

What drew you to Arukah and what motivates you? I love people. And serving them gives me delight! When I first spoke with Jake and Elizabeth about my new role, it was evident that Arukah puts people first. I believe we have been called to love others as ourselves and the Arukah approach of ‘not them but us’ is the embodiment of what Jesus commanded. And through this love, so many communities have met their goals and have brought the change that they want.

What will your Communications Coordinator role involve? I want to share the Arukah story with the world! My role will involve lots of storytelling and ensuring that communication within the Arukah network runs smoothly.

What do you expect to be challenging in the role? While diversity is a beautiful thing, navigating through the cultural differences can be challenging. Arukah is a global community, and I need to communicate in a language that someone in India would understand as clearly as someone in Nairobi or the UK. Goodbye comfort zone!

How do you like to relax when you're not working? I am very relationship oriented so I would probably be at a restaurant with my friends. When I'm not eating, you’ll find me on a hiking trail outside Nairobi.

Thanks for being with us Brian! We’re excited at what you will bring to our network.

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