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Become An Arukah Ambassador!

In our podcast we're searching for the planet's best community projects and ideas, and sharing what we find.

It's a simple format. Each month we interview someone doing something where they live to unlock a community's potential, often in order to solve a complex challenge.

In Sierra Leone, we've heard how the rise of social enterprise is helping people to overcome years of donor dependency. In the UK, we've heard how Syrian refugees are starting to speak freely together on topics they could never discuss under the brutal and controlling Syrian regime. And in Zimbabwe, we've heard how a project that uses public benches and community elders is helping meet the country's mental health needs. 'Every community is full of potential'. This is a motto that excites us at Arukah Network. We want others to get excited by it too, and to be inspired to unlock that potential where they live. We think our podcast is a good way to do this, and so we'd be very grateful if you could help us.

Below is a list of simple things you can do to promote the podcast - you might have your own ideas too! 1. Tell A Friend. Take a look at our podcast here. If you think one episode might interest someone you know, why not tell them about it? 2. Share It Online. If you use Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter or other social media platform, why not share our latest episode with others each month?

3. Tell A Radio Station: If you have connections with a local radio station, why not recommend our podcast as something they could broadcast? Then put them in touch with our presenter, Jake.

4. Contact A Journalist. Some journalists review and promote podcasts for a living, and they often do so based on recommendations from people like you. Why not contact one of them to tell them about the Arukah podcast? Here are a few we know - you might know of others where you live... The Guardian Newspaper: email them Rowan Slaney: click here to contact her Hannah Verdier: tweet her @wordsbyverds

And don't forget to subscribe and listen to the podcast on our Soundcloud page here!

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