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A Call For Your Wisdom

Want to support our work, and promote yours? Read on!

You might have noticed the free introductory guides on our website. They help people and organisations all over the world to serve their communities more effectively. They cover a range of practical topics, like public speaking, delegating, and mobile phone photography. They're short, they're simple, and they're designed to support all kinds of work. And so it's no surprise that we want to make more of them.

But to do this well, we need some help.

We're looking to make new guides in some of the following areas: leadership; teaching; entrepreneurship; fundraising; film-making; managing others; counselling and trauma; influencing decision makers; and other specific health and development topics.

Are you involved in any of these areas? Do you have tips, information or other tools that you think could be helpful? Or perhaps you'd like to suggest some other areas? Either way, we want to hear from you.

The process of making our guides is simple: you can either compile information or tips for us to edit and share; or we can help you distil information you may have in your head and get it on to paper so that others benefit. Either way, we will credit you or your organisation.

Why are these guides important to our work? Well we believe that every community has the gifts and skills it needs to achieve health and wellbeing for all its members. Through our global network and its Clusters of local people, we bring these people, gifts and skills together, and work together to bring change about.

We do this in part via a process of connecting, informing and influencing: we connect people together and build relationship in organisations, communities, and globally; we help inform by circulating existing wisdom and knowledge, or bringing in expertise when needed skills are missing; and we help communities to have influence and create change via organisations, decision makers, and their voice.

For the ‘inform’ part of our work, when a Cluster has something they want to learn more about, we always start by helping a Cluster to look internally, to see who in the Cluster or nearby has expertise or experience on the topic, and we then help them share this so everyone benefits. But if no expertise exists within a Cluster, we support them to find the information further afield – in their country, in another Cluster, from external trainers, or online.

This is where you come in - get in touch if you would like to help.

Email us at You can view our current online selection of online tools here.


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