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Our First Online Forum - The Schedule

From 28th September to 1st October, we will hold our first ever online forum: 8 events over 4 days to support our members in their life, work and Cluster. Below is a summary. If you're a Cluster member, please fill in this form to make sure you get all the information to join each session. And if you're not a Cluster member but would like to participate, sign up here.


Session 1: What Difference can a Cluster Make?

In this introductory session, Nathan & Elizabeth will help us explore Arukah's way of working, and together we'll think about how Clusters can increase, measure, and show their impact.

Session 2: Listening Skills Workshop

Learn how the simple act of listening can transform relationships in your community, with help from conflict resolution expert Tara West, psychiatrist and 'Friendship Bench' creator Ruth Verhey and 'active listening' trainer & Cluster member Jeet Bahadur.


Session 3: Empowering Women Through Enterprise

How can livelihood programmes and enterprise training help create greater gender equality? Lecturer, trainer and Cluster member Patricia hosts a discussion.

Session 4: Making Projects and Clusters Sustainable

How can you develop the programs and skills to help your community and Cluster prosper? Join Cluster Development Co-ordinator Robins and others to hear stories, listen to experts, ask questions, and participate in discussion.


Session 5: Understanding Mental Health

Community Mental Health specialists and Cluster members Kaaren & Jeet are joined by Arukah trustee and doctor Nick to share stories, activities and tips to help support people with mental health issues, in our communities, workplaces and homes.

Session 6: Learning From Failure Workshop

Come and join a discussion on times when community projects have failed. Together we'll explore how these occasions can be a great chance to learn and grow. Bring your stories and ideas! Hosted by Arukah Communications Co-ordinator Jake and Robins.


Session 7: Collaboration in a Challenging Time

Special guests join Arukah Mentor & Coach Elizabeth to discuss what we've learned from COVID-19 and how we can apply this in our own lives and communities, and to current and future global challenges like climate change.

Session 8: Faith and Resilience in Community Work

Our Global Health Adviser Ted hosts a discussion on how our faith can provide a special presence in our communities, especially as we face challenges like COVID-19 or climate change.

If you're a Cluster member, then you can learn more on the forum web page here, using the password which has been shared in the Whatsapp group or your email. If you can't find the password then email


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