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A Poem of Hope

Raj Kumar is a member of the Uttarakhand Cluster in India. After reading and hearing about the unfortunate cases of suicide among young people, he wrote a shot poem to encourage communities around the world to not lose hope. He also hopes to inspire the young people to embrace community and live life to the fullest. You can read the poem below.

Learn to live life, with a smile, with a friend, in this world,

Feel no worry, don’t be down, but set a good trend.

Tend to enjoy this life, and keep away from its pressures,

Make things not hard here, but live with many cheers.

The world will tell you, “do or die” but for you, simply do your best,

But do it all, to the glory of God, and leave to Him then, the rest.

Don’t give up, easily, in case you several times fail,

One day, you will win, the efforts, you’ve made, will tell.

But in no case, whether you succeed or fail,

Should you take your life away, That is what i have you to tell.

Suicide, will break your parents heart, don’t loose the game,

A timid spirit you don't have, and do not be put to shame.

Read about how the truth set Raj free here


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