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How Clusters Are Responding To COVID-19

COVID-19 is creating many challenges in the communities that Clusters serve. Below is a round-up of some of the ways they have been responding. If you're a Cluster member who's doing something that's not included below, then please do email and let us know!

1) Bihar Cluster, India

This Cluster (below) is co-ordinating member organisations as they distribute food, protective equipment and other materials, to ensure no duplication of efforts. They're also negotiating with the government to help make their efforts more effective. Dennyson from the Cluster says "we're providing a platform to come together, think, prepare and also share relief work."

2) Chisekesi Cluster, Zambia

Having recently experienced a drought in the region, the Cluster launched a school food programme that fed 400 children a week. They are now researching the changing needs in their region as a result of COVID-19, to decide whether they need to co-ordinate a similar response in their community now.

3) Robins, Kericho Cluster (Kenya)

Robins has identified 24 families in his village, Obanda, that are struggling financially. He has raised funds locally and provided each with a 90kg bag of maize, a bag of dried fish, and a bar of soap.

4) Vikrant, Uttarakhand Cluster (India)

With his organisation AGAPE, Vikrant (pictured, prior to social distancing) has employed local women to produce face masks, which will be safely distributed to 1000 families in the area.

5) Uttarakhand Cluster, India

Our largest Cluster is taking stock of the work of its member organisations, to identify gaps in efforts so far, and to find ways to fill them. They have named one of their member organisations as the lead organisation to co-ordinate this.

6) Hormis, Rwanda Cluster

In his town of Musanze, neighbours have been knocking on Hormis' door to ask for food. With the permission of local authorities, he has crowdfunded locally, and has so far provided over 30 families with a range of products, like maize flour, beans, soap, salt and cabbage. "I am really happy to help", he said.

Are you a Cluster member who's doing something that's not included here? Email and let him know!


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