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Join Our New 'Cluster Coaching Calls'

Even though we're scattered all around the world, members of our network will soon be able to regularly connect for 'Cluster Coaching Calls'. Taking place every two weeks using a website and app called 'Zoom', they'll be a way for us all to build relationships and share support in the work we do in our communities. Our Cluster Curator ROBINS OCHIENG' ODIYO explains more... Firstly, tell us why you're helping co-ordinate these calls. I work with Arukah Network as a Network Curator, with a focus on Cluster Development. My role is to support the growth of our Clusters, and these calls are a part of that effort.

What's the idea behind these 'Cluster Coaching Calls'? They're a safe space for Cluster members to connect, to share and reflect on the things that really matter to us, and to find ways to solve the challenges we face in our work. It's my prayer that through this we will share ideas, stories, experiences, best practice, resources, and lessons.

Who is it for? It's for anyone who is actively involved in helping their Cluster to progress, and looking for a community of like-minded people. How does it work? We will publish dates and times soon, but they will happen every two weeks. Before each meeting, I will send out a link on Whatsapp or email. You will click the link which will connect you to Zoom and then we can start talking! You can join a call as often as you like. It is just important to first of all download Zoom on your phone or laptop, and get it working.

What is 'Zoom' and why are we using it? Like Skype or Whatsapp, Zoom is a way to speak with people on your phone or computer, but it's designed for group calls. It's free and simple to use. Click here to learn how to use it on your phone, and click here to use it on your laptop. And if you have any questions - or you would like to practice using it - then you can email me here. I will be glad to help. What role will you play with these calls? I will co-ordinate and moderate the calls. I havealso been preparing a directory of Clusters, Cluster members, and each of our areas of work, so I can help make connections between us to share areas of interest. 

Click here to download the Coaching Call leaflet. Click here to download Zoom on your phone or laptop.


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