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An Important Gathering

Next month is our second ever International Forum. And we’re excited...

From 17th-21st September, around twenty Cluster members from around our network will gather in East Sussex, UK. We’ll share vital training, discuss successes and challenges, encourage one another, and learn how to get better at serving and leading our communities. These gatherings are big moments in our young life. We learn practical things from each other, we build closer relationships, and we generate momentum in our work: locally, regionally and globally. Here’s some of what's on our agenda… From Tanzania’s Mara Cluster, we’ll learn how community legal aid can protect and strengthen the most vulnerable people in a neighbourhood. From India’s Uttarakhand Cluster, we’ll hear how to strengthen links between community and government. From Kenya’s Kericho Cluster, we’ll learn how to support social enterprise and female leaders in a community. From Zambia’s Chabbs Cluster, we’ll hear how community health work can be more effective when listening comes first. And from our UK team, we’ll hear how storytelling can be used to help more people connect with our work, and be changed by it. These are just a few examples. We’ll also make longer-term plans for our network – more news on this soon. And we’ll invite friends, well-wishers and curious minds to join us at some point in the week - keep up to date with our news on Facebook, Twitter and in our newsletter to hear about that.

If you'd like to support our network of community leaders and amplify local solutions to complex challenges, then you can donate towards the forum's costs here.


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