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North East India is isolated from the rest of the country, and healthcare here has been slow to develop.

The region's mountainous terrain also makes it hard for many people to access healthcare. In 2018, members of sixteen local organisations launched a Cluster to share their diverse knowledge and experience, and start to address together some of the region's acute health needs.


Modelling Integrity


Corruption has harmed the region's health system, but Cluster members collaborate rather than compete.


Disability Training


They have held disability training, the likes of which has not been seen in the region before.

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Family Retreat

The Cluster made headlines for a retreat they held for people with disabilities and their families.


Healthcare has been slow to develop here. For me, this means there are lots of opportunities to develop programs tailored to Nagaland’s unique needs.

Rohan is a Community Medicine Consultant at a local hospital. 


He runs community mobile clinics and training for government health centre staff, church leaders and youth.

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