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Storytelling Made Simple by Jake Lloyd (6 mins)
A well-told story is a powerful tool for change. In this video, a former BBC news director Jake shows how you can use this tool simply and effectively. PLAY.
To reach people with your message, it helps to understand them. Drawing on his work at the BBC, Jake shares a tool to help you do this. PLAY.
When Health Workers Collaborate by Dr. Ted Lankester (12 mins)
A Community Health specialist, Ted calls for those of us involved in making our communities happier and healthier to focus on collaboration. PLAY.
An Introduction to Global Health by Dr. Ted Lankester (15 mins)
It's a big term. But what does it mean? And how can we play our part in it at community level. Our Co-Leader Ted explains. PLAY.
Ten Tips for Leading a Team by Dr. Sedevi Angami (7 mins)
Sedevi runs a hospital in north east India. In this video he shares his wisdom for leading and inspiring a team. PLAY.

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Six Things I've Learned About Community Health Workers by Dr. Ted Lankester
The author of Setting Up Community Health Programmes explains why CHWs are important and offers advice on helping them do their job well.
The Right and Wrong Use of Medicines by Dr. Ted Lankester
Medicine saves lives, but their overuse and misuse threatens lives. Ted outlines how we can use medicines for the benefit of all.
Two Ways To Stay Healthy by Dr. Ted Lankester
How can you stay physically healthy? Our Co-Leader Ted gives two essential pieces of advice.

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