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Podcast: How a community can heal from conflict

3 years ago, a civil war broke out in the Tigray region in Ethiopia. Counsellor and Psychotherapist ELIAS OMER who helped provide mental health support in the region, shares how kindess and generosity helped the community sustain their relationships and find healing. Listen below:

Podcast Highlights

The devastating impact of armed conflict Elias provides mental health support to humanitarian workers who live and serve in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. In this episode he highlights the severe and traumatic consequences of armed conflict, such as the breakdown of cultural and societal norms, isolation, mental health issues, and the struggle to access basic necessities like food and healthcare.

Community resilience and hope Elias explains that communities experiencing conflict and hardship often display remarkable resilience and kindness. In the Tigray region, people came together to share resources and support one another, and their generosity played a crucial role in sustaining life and relationships during a conflict that took the lives of approximately 600,000 people.

Being an ambassador of peace Elias encourages us all to become ‘peaceful ambassadors’, regardless of our job titles or backgrounds, and to actively contribute to the healing of regions affected by war and conflict.

He says, ‘If you feel that you have been blessed with resources –, resources in terms of money, knowledge or things you have – sharing goes a long way. I would encourage people to contribute. It may not be in Ethiopia. There are other parts of the world that are hurting. I think it would be meaningful if you could be part of the healing process of a nation.’

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