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Welcome to

Monze Cluster

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Monze is a town in southern Zambia, not far from nearby Clusters in Chisekesi & Chabbs.


Having seen the successes of their Cluster neighbours, a group of Monze residents started a Cluster of their own.

With over fifty members, their main focus is helping women and young people develop new skills and spot opportunities to develop an income and improve their town.


Training Local People


They run training courses to get young people learning skills and starting businesses

Road Repair


They're leading a scheme to repair over 40km of local roads that were destroyed in storms

Savings & Credit Scheme

They're starting a scheme for members and local people to save money and apply for credit


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There are good opportunities here. There are many young people who are strong and knowledgeable – we just need to unlock it through training and sharing."

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Nasilele Sinyambo is a local man with a background of teaching entrepreneurial skills. 


After hearing about the nearby Cluster in Chisekesi, he made a plan to launch one in Monze. Here he tells us why:

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