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Welcome to

Obanda Cluster

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Located in Western Kenya, the village sits at Wandanda Village which has a population of less than 3,000.

The majority of the population are young people who face challenges such as  joblessness, teen pregnancy and drug and substance abuse. The area also lacks access to clean water and power.


Improving access to

clean water

The Cluster is advocating for the use of water tanks to harvest rainwater and improving access to it through boreholes

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Guiding the Youth

The Cluster carries out mentorship programmes in schools and to the youth and women within the community on cross cutting issues


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After a number of sessions, the children have opened up to us and are comfortable sharing their lives with us. They also understand the importance of good decision making.

Carolyne Achieng Ogolah is a mother with a heart for the youth.
She has a her training and coaching experience to walk with them so that they can become responsible citizens.

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